Being the change - trying to make a difference

by Hannah Goodridge ~ 2 min read

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After a long road of profiting from the developer community, I feel its time to give a bit back.

On a daily basis I trawl through the web in search of code I can use to either help me in tackling a specific task or simply to aid me in something I am building.

I've been in this loop for a long time and I've always felt slightly guilty because I'm always profiting and didn't have a lot to give in return.

There are some fantastic and talented developers who continuously help others by their blog posts, github issue fixes or in discord channels who go unpaid and unsung and they do it all for the sake of "open source".

If it weren't for these types of people, junior developers would struggle and the developer ecosystem would suffer greatly.

I'm at the point in my career where I feel like I can begin to embark on this journey and I want to do my best to fill this new website so some thought provoking posts.

Not only will it help me to progress in my own ability but also I hope to inspire the next generation of developers just as those before me did and continue to do.

Stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts in the near future.