– Early beginnings

Some part of me knew that from the age of 5, when I got my first lego set, I had the makings of an engineer.

At that time, I became obsessed with building the perfect flying car. The wheels, the wings, the car seat, the chassis, all had to be faultless for my tiny flight off from the dining room table and into the world beyond. Unbeknownst to me, this moment was where my perfectionism set in; I was eyeing every detail intentionally, correcting alignments, imbalances, flaws and thus creating my little flying machine. Little did I know where this process of product iteration would take me.

After progressing from Lego ™ to Meccano ™, teaching myself guitar and beating those PlayStation ™ bosses, I always found myself engineering something in one way or another and when it came to making my own website after completing my design degree I quickly became frustrated that I couldn't just make one myself, so again, I endeavoured to find out how to make one which ended up landing me an apprenticeship to build email campaigns and small websites for clients, and it was here I launched my career in 2012.

When I was first introduced into the world of Frontend development, I, like most people it turns out, found it initially overwhelming but using that same young determination from years ago, it has helped me on my journey to become a much better developer.

In those early stages of my career, I thought not having certain skills or languages under my belt meant I was a bad developer, but experience has taught me that learning whilst on the job can actually be the best way for me to overcome these hurdles. Admittedly, this is not for the faint-hearted, and it can be wildly stressful, but it's also the fastest way to fail. Of course if you have the time to learn, read and research beforehand this is a much more practical approach, but sometimes throwing yourself into the deep end can work too.

I now have around 10 years worth of Frontend experience to call on, during this time I have built a variety of microsites, campaign sites, static sites using the Jam Stack and applications. Most recently I've fallen in love with using React.js, Gatsby.js, Tailwind.css and GraphQL which, if you have a keen eye, is the tech I've chosen to build this new site.

– Hobbies

I really enjoy trying new foods, although I am no great cook I love to explore different flavours and textures, and I am a big fan of fine dining. I enjoy strumming my guitar when the moment takes me, and gaming on my PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Getting out in nature really inspires me, especially recently while on long hikes in Yosemite park, whilst also getting my fill of that much-needed fresh air, something I always seek out. I’m a keen cyclist, I love long bike rides exploring rural south gloucestershire and other local surroundings.

– Personal

On a more personal note I classify myself as a proud introvert, I have two cats which I wildly adore and I regard myself as a professional student, always looks for new things to try and learn as the tech landscape is always changing.

Thanks for reading.

Hannah Goodridge