– Early beginnings

Some part of me knew that from the age of 5, when I got my first lego set, I had the makings of an engineer.

During that time, I became utterly fixated on crafting the quintessential flying car. Every element, from the wheels and wings to the car seat and chassis, had to be impeccable for my maiden flight from the dining room table to the vast world beyond. Little did I realize that this pivotal moment marked the onset of my pursuit of perfection. I scrutinized every detail with unwavering focus, rectifying alignments, correcting imbalances, and eliminating flaws, all in the pursuit of creating my miniature flying machine. Little did I foresee where this process of iterative product development would ultimately lead me.

Transitioning from constructing Lego™ sets to mastering Meccano™, self-teaching myself to play the guitar, and triumphing over formidable foes in PlayStation™ games, I always found myself intricately engineering something in one form or another. When the time came to design my own website after completing my design degree, I found myself frustrated that I couldn't create one from scratch. So, once again, I embarked on a journey to learn how to build a website, which eventually led to an apprenticeship where I crafted email campaigns and small websites for clients. It was here that I launched my career in 2012.

When I initially delved into the world of Frontend development, it was an overwhelming experience, a sentiment shared by many newcomers to the field. Yet, drawing upon the same determination from my earlier years, I navigated these uncharted waters, steadily evolving into a more proficient developer.

In the nascent stages of my career, I erroneously believed that lacking certain skills or programming languages rendered me an inadequate developer. However, time and experience have taught me that learning on the job can often be the most effective means of overcoming these challenges. Admittedly, this path is not for the faint of heart and can be incredibly taxing. Nevertheless, it is also the quickest route to failure. Of course, a more methodical approach involving pre-learning, research, and preparation is often the more practical route. Yet, sometimes plunging headfirst into the deep end can yield remarkable results.

Now, armed with over a decade of Frontend experience, I can confidently draw upon my wealth of knowledge. Over this period, I've crafted an array of microsites, campaign websites, static sites using the Jam Stack, and applications. Most recently, I've developed a profound affinity for technologies like React.js, Gatsby.js, Tailwind.css, and GraphQL, which, if you have a discerning eye, you'll recognize as the technologies I've chosen to construct this new website.

– Hobbies

I derive immense pleasure from exploring new culinary delights, even though I can't boast culinary expertise. My passion lies in uncovering diverse flavors and textures, and I'm an enthusiastic connoisseur of fine dining. Whenever the mood strikes, I revel in strumming my guitar and immersing myself in gaming sessions on my PS5 or Nintendo Switch. Immersing myself in nature is a constant source of inspiration, particularly during extended hikes in Yosemite Park, where I can breathe in the rejuvenating fresh air that I consistently seek. As an avid cyclist, I relish embarking on long bike rides, exploring the picturesque landscapes of rural South Gloucestershire and other nearby locales.

– Personal

On a more personal note, I proudly identify as an introvert. My deep affection for my two feline companions knows no bounds. I consider myself a perpetual student, always on the lookout for fresh experiences and knowledge, as the tech landscape is in a constant state of flux.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Hannah Goodridge